Hill Country Family Home Redesign

This Driftwood home lacked real character. It was recently built by a big builder and most of the design choices reflected that. This family home redesign included the kitchen, living room, dining room, and entryway. The goal was to lighten the space and introduce a family friendly coastal, spunky style while keeping as many beloved aspects the same.

The Kitchen

The kitchen had dark cabinetry and a travertine herringbone backsplash, but there wasn’t anything impressive or eye-catching. The affordable granite countertops were from the builder’s standard design, but the current homeowners personalized nothing. Even parts of the kitchen were not safe! The client’s husband kept hitting his head on the range’s hood because of how far it stuck out. So that immediately had to change.

The client wanted a white kitchen, which I knew was going to be a huge change. The cabinets were in great shape, so there wasn’t a need to replace them. We drastically improved the kitchen with a fresh coat of paint and an added hardware for a clean look. To contrast the white design, the kitchen island was painted blue like its very own Greecian island of Santorini.

We replaced the backsplash and countertops along with the light fixtures and sink faucet for a fresh, bright design. And, of course, the hood was raised and pushed back to protect precious heads and make more room for delicious meals and late-night dancing.

The Living Room

The living room in this family home didn’t feel inviting. The couch and walls were the same color, and they had minimal furniture or accents. There wasn’t much to draw the eye or encourage relaxation. The client had recently purchased a long sectional couch which left only about eighteen inches of walkway between the edge and the wall. Thankfully it came in pieces, and we removed a portion to open up the space.

One of the biggest challenges in this room was the angle fireplace and how difficult it made for any rug to fit in. So we got a custom run cut in the same shape of the room, angle and all! It anchored the room and gave visual definition to the living room.

We created visual interest and depth with a coffee table, an accent chair, lamp, and side table. We also added vertical length with new linen drapery panels and custom roman blinds. The windows were short, and by installing the rods high and using long curtains, the drapes helped to stretch the room. The roman blinds showcased natural weave material and were outside the window frame to elude the eye into thinking they’re bigger.

The Dining Room

This room had too many architectural elements and very little style. The corners of the room jutted out at distracting angles. The chair rail and the curved alcoves in the wall drove the clients insane, and the curved window did not favor the room. We removed the chair rail, and the alcoves were furred out and painted over to keep the room straightforward and focused on the beautiful view. We gave the windows the same treatment as the living room for that natural throughline, and added accessories and a sideboard provided storage and visual interest. Following our client’s request, we reused the dining room rug, dining set and kept the wall color, her favorite color. Now, the dining room is ready to serve texture, depth, and long-lasting memories with a new light fixture, lamps, wall pieces, and decor.

The Entryway

The entryway also boasted of the dreaded curved alcoves. With those furred out and painted the same color as the other rooms. We added a splash of the kitchen’s blue in the ceiling, a continuation of the color story that helps the design to flow.

We restyled the entry table to include a bowl the clients’ bought in Colorado on their travels. Using objects as decor sparks conversations and memories each time you walk by. To finalize the design, we added some more blue with the vintage runner from Turkey and a new coastal inspired light fixture.

Lourdes Norton

Broker Associate | Lead Designer

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